VCS Quality Services


VCS has provided third party inspection services to various Greenfield and brownfield projects to major oil and gas companies involving GCP, CPP, CGS, ETP, Drilling Rig & Certification, Well manifolds, loading arms and piping at jetty, cross country pipeline, Storage tanks, Mounded bullets, LPG blending and Bottling, truck loading, Fire pump house and fire fighting networks, revamping and modification, Fertilizer plant, Sulphur recovery unit, Ammonia plant, Nitrogen plant, CDU/VDU Column, Reactor, Furnace, Processing units Telecom and SCADA, Electrical substation and control rooms, Solar Energy system, Fire detection and control, Fire mitigation system, Turnaround Shutdown/Unit wise Shutdown, corporate building, STP, Residential and Commercial building, roads, Industrial Structures, Submarines and ships, Construction of Godowns etc.   

VCS is also providing services for inspection of  “Jal Jeevan Mission and other works by Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Departments”, “Micro-irrigation System” and safety equipment for various clients.