VCS Quality Services

safety studies

VCS has always been proactive in its approach towards facility and environmental safety management.

Our experienced team has extensive experience in HAZOP, HAZID, QRA, and ERDMP, and undertakes safety studies/assignments in cross-country pipelines and surface facilities.

We have undertaken several safety studies like Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP), Hazard Identification (HAZID), and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). HAZID is the first study that is carried out. It mainly identifies the overall external risk factors for green fields. These inputs are vital for effective HAZOP and QRA studies. QRA is carried out to identify consequence modelling for the process based on different leak sizes from instrument tapings, flanges, and prevailing weather conditions. This input is then used for carrying HAZOP studies where it identifies various hazards and operability consequences that relate to impact on personnel, environment, occupational health, and reputation of the facility.

VCS also undertakes preparation of Emergency Response & Disaster Management Planning (ERDMP) for our clients.

Our endeavour is to continuously adopt safety measures for facilities and environmental safety.