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Construction Supervision-Pipelines Projects

DAHEJ NAGOTHANE ETHANE PIPELINE PROJECT 12” x 227 Kms, 1 receiving terminal, 16 MLV’s , 1 IP Station, 36 Kms of dense forest, 22 HDD’s (11 major HDD’s)
MBBVPL-RFCL CONNECTIVITY GAS TRANSMISSION PIPELINE PROJECT 18”x362 Km from DT Kunachanapalle to RT Ramagundam (Telangana) having facilities of Dispatch & Receipt Terminals, Intermediate Pigging Stations, SV Tap-off Stations, Telecom/SCADA Network, Metering Facilities and CP System.
CHAINSA JHAJJAR PIPELINE PROJECT PHASE I & II 166 Kms of Natural Gas Pipeline network with dispatch terminals, receiving terminal, 3 SV stations, IP stations, 3 CGS Terminals, telecommunication & Scada, 21 industrial consumer terminals

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