VCS Quality Services

Specialised srvices

VCS has qualified and experienced personnel to carry out Second party services to support customers in achieving their project goals and targets.

These services include supervision of all critical activities especially during the construction stage, like assisting the customer in selecting the right materials, vendors, and equipment to ensure that there is no re-work and loss of time.

We understand that it is not always feasible for our customers to deploy their best resources to projects spread across different geographical areas. In such instances, VCS will support the customer by providing required manpower expertise that they can leverage when their need arises. This service aims to ensure that the customers benefit through optimum utilization of external resources.

VCS is also well equipped to support our customers in conducting safety audits of all new projects before actual Gas-In. This will save time and cost in case there is any problem post commissioning. VCS can also assist the customer during pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities.